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New patients:


Initial Consultation: $400.00 — Minor (0-12 years of age) $300.00


A Non-Refundable deposit of $100 will be required at the time of scheduling. If you do

not show or provide a 24hr notice to reschedule your deposit will be lost.


(Testing is NOT included with the fee)


Report of Findings Consultations: $150

(Includes comprehensive revision of tests and blood work, with a treatment plan.

Supplements and/or therapies are NOT included in pricing)


Second opinion: $ 200.00


(Includes review and interpretation of: X-rays, MRIs, laboratory analysis, etc).

Recommendation will not be provided for second opinions.


If a decision is made to become an active patient, you will have to make an initial

consultation and pay the fees.


Returning Patients:


Returning before 3 years of last consultation - $150


Returning after 3 years of last consultation will have to re-establish as a New

Patient. - $400 A Non-Refundable deposit of $100 will be required at the time of

scheduling. (Testing is NOT included with the fee)


Established patients:


Follow-up visits: $100


Report of Findings Consultations: $150


Chiropractic Adjustments: $ 85.00


Missed Appointments without a 24hr notice of reschedule - $30


Physical Examination:

Basic (No testing)- $200

Comprehensive (with EKG, BIA, Urinalysis) - $360


In Office Testing:

Bio-Impendence Analysis (BIA) - $60

Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)- $85

Urinalysis (UA)- $15

Spirometer- $65

Thermography (Body and Breast Screenings):


Whole body: $285.00 (Includes REPORT no consult)


Breasts: $225.00 (Includes REPORT no consult)


Single body area (head, back, abdomen, shoulder, elbow, leg, foot, etc.): $200.00

(Includes TEST and REPORT)


Consultation with Dr. Mohrdar: $150.00 (Only revise report no treatment




Laser Treatment Initial Area $ 85

Additional PER Region: $ 50

Ultrasound Therapy- $ 50

Kinesio Taping (Applied in office)- $30

Axial Traction- $ 100

Ear Lavage (Both ears)- $40

DRX 9000 Therapy (Includes Infrared and Laser Tx on affected region) - $200

Power Step Inserts- $65

Cupping- $50


Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am — 5:30 pm

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