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·  Increases Blood Flow

·  Improves Oxygenation

·  Increases Metabolic Rate

·  Relieves Pain and Edema

·  Decreases Inflammation

Magnatherm is a useful medical device in the management of arthritis, bursitis, low back pain and muscle spasm, tendonitis, neuritis, and similar musculoskeletal conditions. Magnatherm not only relieves pain, but can also help resolve the underlying conditions.


In diathermy, high-frequency electrical currents are used to heat deep muscular tissues. The heat increases blood flow, speeding up recovery. Doctors also use diathermy in surgical procedures by sealing blood vessels with electrically heated probes.


The term diathermy is derived from the Greek words therma, meaning heat, and dia, meaning through. Diathermy literally means heating through.


Diathermy can be used to treat arthritis, bursitis, and other conditions involving stiff, painful joints. It is also used to treat pelvic infections and sinusitis. A benefit of diathermy is that it is a painless procedure that can be administered at a clinic. Also, if the Diathermy treatment relieves pain, then patients can discontinue pain killers and escape their high cost and side effects.


Diathermy involves heating deep muscular tissues. When heat is applied to the painful area, cellular metabolism speeds up and blood flow increases. The increased metabolism and circulation accelerates tissue repair. The heat helps the tissues relax and stretch, thus alleviating stiffness. Heat also reduces nerve fiber sensitivity, increasing the patient's pain threshold.

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