New patients


Initial visit: $ 300.00 (includes  an extensive intake, review of

completed patient questionnaire, and full physical. Lab work will be likely requested and is not included in pricing. 


Second visit: $100 (includes comprehensive revision of tests and blood work and appropriate recommendation.

(supplements are NOT included in pricing)


Second opinion: $ 200.00 (includes review and interpretation of: X-rays, MRIs, laboratory analysis, etc. and recommendations)


Established patients:


Follow-up visits: $85.00

Emergency office visit: $ 100.00

Chiropractic: $ 85.00 (starting August 1st 2021)


Thermography (Body and Breast Screenings):


Whole body: $285.00 (includes TEST and REPORT)

Breasts: $225.00 (includes TEST AND REPORT)

Single body area (head, back, abdomen, shoulder, elbow, leg, foot, etc.): $150.00

(includes TEST and REPORT)


Additional area: $50.00 (includes TEST and REPORT)

Follow-up consultation with Dr. Mohrdar: $100.00 (only revise report)

Laser Treatments:

Treatment sessions: starting at $85.00


For appointments, please contact us: (951) 781- 4529


Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am – 5 pm


***Please provide us with a 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment.