"Did you know that you can give your body the power to fight off degenerative 

   diseases, before they can seriously harm you, by taking high potency high quality 

food supplements?" Dr. Mohrdar


Skin Care

The micro cosmos behind beautiful and healthy skin all certified organic, fully homeopathic skin care line available in our store.       

magnatherm_icon Chiropractic

We specialize in musculo-skelektal disorders, weather they are caused from trauma or are secondary to autoimmune arthritic disorders  

treatment_icon DITI

Detect Disease i.e. BREAST CANCER in it's early stages WITHOUT radiation or painful procedures                                                              

pic-1 Holistic Therapies

Understanding your individual metabolic profile enables us to present you with a complete comprehensive and functional treatment program.



Our Philosophy

With a philosophy based on knowledge, research and results, Dr. Mohrdar works to prevent conditions.